A Guide To Packers For Transmen

A Guide To Packers For Transmen

Here’s a guide to what to search for whenever you buy a packer. There are a whole lot of very affordable options out there! A very good packer could make your life as a trans man or FTM easier, by guaranteeing you're feeling more consolationable about passing. This submit also has some recommendations on packing underwear, and video. To start out with, here is an informative and enjoyable video concerning the varied sorts of packers for transmen:

What is a Packer?
A packer is a phallic object worn in the underwear to provide the appearance of having a penis. Packers are most frequently utilized by transmen/FTMs (though sometimes used by cis males to offer a more spectacular bulge). Packers can range from a rolled-up sock stuffed down your underpants, to a really expensive medical prosthesis that is connected to the body with surgical glue. And then there are a complete lot in-between, and many selections of packer in the below-one-hundred-dollars zone. Right here’s a guide to picking out the perfect packer (try saying that six occasions fast!).

Selecting the Best Packer for You
Your choice of packer is always going to come down to your personal priorities. Some transmen are more involved with a soft, realistic feel. Others deal with what the packer seems to be like. Or how hot it will likely be to wear, or how long it can last. And of course, many people need to consider the price as a major factor.

After all, packers can be very low-cost, comparable to this Transform packer from Amazon, for just $40. This one comes in white, caramel, and chocolate.

Others can be very expensive, corresponding to the most expensive version of the Reel Magik, which is more a medical prosthesis than a packer. Try to discover a packer that is both affordable for you, and meets your needs. For many guys, that's going to mean finding a packer that looks realistic, and is comfortable enough to wear all day, every day.

To Pack or To not Pack?
Whether or not to pack is a matter each transman has to resolve for himself. In speaking to transmen over time, I have heard some very different opinions on the matter. While I think it’s true that most people don’t look hard at other folks’s crotches, there are conditions in which the lack of a bulge might be a dead giveaway.

For example, men in biking pants have very obvious bulges. A person who lacked this bulge would stand out (or fail to stand out!) Equally the shortage of a bulge could be very apparent in swimming trunks, unless they are very baggy. I also think it’s very apparent in wet suits. It will also be fairly obvious in tighter dress pants and jeans, as well as sweat pants. For example, once you’re mendacity in your back on a bench in the gym, doing bench presses. One time I was doing that, and my new boss occurred to come by and discuss to me. I used to be SO glad I didn't have an embarrassing absence of bulge, as I used to be totally stealth at the time.

So on the one hand, it appears to be essential for transmen to pack if we need to pass. Alternatively, I've met transmen who have by no means packed, and who insist that it does not detract from their ability to pass as men. In line with them, nobody has ever noticed their lack of a crotch bulge.

Size of Packer
It’s sort of a no-brainer that the majority guys, given the choice, would need to go huge! However bear in mind, you want to look natural and normal. In case your packer is simply too large, you might seem like you might have a hard-on. Not a good suggestion, particularly in the incorrect surroundings – say, a meeting along with your boss, or during a workout within the weights room!

These merchandise are often non-returnable, so try to get it proper if you order. When doubtful, go for medium. In my experience, small is normally too small, and huge is often too big. Consider your individual measurement too – a man who is 5 toes three could be unlikely to have a ten-inch dick!

These two packers are measurement small and large. Notice the extreme difference in size. I certainly found the small too small and the massive impossibly big. Each of these products double as sex toys, but even in that department, the big goes to be too big for many people.