Explore The Many Benefits Of Stretch Wrap

Explore The Many Benefits Of Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is among the easiest, most cost efficient ways to secure your product for transportation or storage. Available in numerous types equivalent to hand, machine, stretch banding and stretch netting, it can be used with guide handheld units or with semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers of all types to secure and shield your valuable goods.

You select the gauge, width, and coloration that finest bits your specific needs and you can start wrapping your way to these benefits:

Increased Product Protection - Whether you might be transporting your product for distribution or storing it in your warehouse, wrapping your goods with stretch wrap will shield them from environmental components reminiscent of grime, dust and moisture that may damage them. Through the use of UVI stretch films, you possibly can shield your items from UV rays, when storing them outdoors. Hold your product clean, dry, yet completely seen and you will be protecting your earnings as well.

Reduced Product Damage / Increased Load Stability - By wrapping your product with stretch wrap, you are unitizing it, thereby making a more stable load with less probability of shifting that can cause product damage. Whether it is being transported in a truck and experiencing regular shifting from road circumstances or being moved around in your warehouse by forklift, if the goods are securely wrapped together, there is less chance of movement and damage that may occur because of it.

Improved Shipping & Handling Efficiencies

Elevated Stack Height - Utilizing stretch wrap, together with angle boards placed vertically, will mean you can stack product higher on the pallets and maximize your cube space when storing or shipping your product.

Elevated Productiveness - The convenience and quickness of wrapping your loads to secure them will increase your worker productivity, permitting them to get more completed in a day.

Flexibility - Not everything may be stacked in a neat sq. configuration. The versatility and adaptability of stretch wrap makes it simpler to stabilize hard to stack or odd formed loads.

Improved Inventory Control - When your product just isn't properly contained and is scattered in different directions, it will probably make the job of inventory management very inefficient and time consuming. By unitizing your product types together, they can be inventoried easily and accurately, reducing the chance of product separation. If you use a scanning system, clear stretch wrap allows you to scan straight though it.

Decreased Pilferage - Again, by unitizing your product, it makes pilferage much harder because the load must be unwrapped first, making the possibilities of somebody seeing the theft occur more likely. By utilizing opaque pallet film, you can actually conceal the product, thus defending it even more by not permitting people to see what it is.

Recyclable - Most stretch films are made of polyethylene which is a hundred% recyclable and, if saved fairly clean, has a real market value if recycled. By implementing a recycling system in your facility, you might be keeping the used stretch wrap out of the landfills and putting cash in your pocket.